Why Homemade Dog Food Recipes Are Better For Your Dog

Homemade dog food recipes is not as strange as one might think. It’s only been within approximately the last century that individuals have thought that dogs cannot survive without packaged pet food. Many people believe we ought to simply be feeding our dogs “quality” canned or packaged food, not to mention it might really be dangerous to provide our dogs the scraps from our home-cooked foods. But dogs were living off the scraps of humans for 1000’s of years, and consequently their digestive systems have changed to be able to handle that particular type of diet.

Many discerning dog lovers have become worried about the risks of chemical preservatives and other substances present in canned and dry “kibble” pet food. Many people would not consider feeding their loved ones canned meals or processed fast meals for each meal, every single day of each and every week of their lives. How come we do that to our dogs? Some veterinarians are also starting to attribute many modern-day pet ailments with the packaged diets dogs receive from commercially packaged pet food. Granted, you will find a couple of commercial dog food companies that do provide good-quality food for dogs, but regrettably, most suppliers are quite happy with doling out poor, low quality foods which contain stuff you wouldn’t consume.

There’s no animal on the planet that naturally prefers an eating plan of cooked food. That’s why a lot of home-made dog food recipes have to have raw food. They’re vet-approved and require human-grade food items. Plus, many dog food recipes are simple to follow and prepare. Dogs, like us, love variety — because of that , they’re delighted with home-made dog food recipes. All-natural, home-made dog food recipes should contain a quantity of fat and oil, and really should be lower in sugar. Whenever you can, substitute the processed sugar inside a recipe with some honey or molasses.

Additionally, the advantages of feeding your pet an eating plan that’s filled with nutrition – for example protein – you likewise become familiar with exactly what it is you’re feeding your dog. Are you aware that your pet food companies can alter as much as 15 percent of the commercial dog food recipes while not having to modify the ingredient detail on the labels of their bags? In many instances the ingredient detail of the label has 4 to 5 variations of one sort of grain listed. This might seem harmless for you, however it is not. Let’s take corn as an example. You notice the ingredients list corn brand, whole corn and other corn elements such as corn grits, corn gluten, and so on. Well, if the dog food companies were required to add all of these various types of corn elements together and label it as corn, then it may very well be a greater percentage compared to the meat elements included in the food. Although this is legally permitted, you will find lots of people who contest the practice as misleading for customers.

And once you uncover that giving your pet a proper, home-made meal is really simpler for you and your pooch, you can begin playing with dog food recipes you’d like to try and make. In the end, since you would never give processed meals like pet food to your own children, for what reason are you forcing your pet to live on them?

Ame Vanorio

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