Recipes for Homemade Dog Food Gives Your Dog a Long and Healthy Life

Give your the dog the ultimate care by using recipes for homemade dog food to prepare his or her food. Most people that are dog owners take their ownership seriously and want the very best for their dog. This includes making sure their pet gets any medical attention that is needed, they get sufficient exercise, and that they enjoy a healthy and well balanced diet. Many will spend a good deal of time looking over the quality of the dog foods that are currently on the market in an attempt to find the very best ingredients for their pet. But most of these brands that are available do not offer the key ingredients necessary to give your dog a long and healthy life.

The rules and regulations that dog food manufacturers have to follow do not compare to those that the manufacturers of human food have to follow. The dog food industry gets a great deal of leniency. The truth is, you really do not know what your dog is consuming in the average brand of dog food. The only way that you can be sure of what your dog is eating is to use recipes for homemade dog food and prepare it yourself.

It might cost a little bit more and it will take a little more time to prepare but your dog will be much happier and healthier for many years to come . You will want to make your dog a well-balanced meal plan that includes a lot of protein as a dog’s digestive system was designed to accept a great deal of protein. Ideally, your dog’s diet should consist of 30-40% protein.

It is also important for your dog food to be rich in fruits and vegetables. You can get added protein by adding eggs, livers, and kidneys to your dog’s food. Oatmeal, potatoes, and rice are great to add into your recipe for homemade dog food as well. Green beans, peas, and carrots are good vegetable choices and apple and bananas are healthy fruit options.

Cook all of the ingredients in advance, with the exception of the fruit, which should be pureed. Cook the meat but remove all fat first. There are no certain measurements for a recipe for homemade dog food as long as you get a good balanced mix. You do need to make sure that your recipe does include vitamins and supplements so your dog gets all that are required. You can add these things by including some calcium supplements like bone meal and be sure to give your dog a daily multi-vitamin that is made specifically for dogs.

There are certain things that you should never give your dog at all. Don’t include onions, chocolate, coffee, alcohol, tea, raisins, grapes, hops, avocado, rhubarb, or almonds. Do not use food for your recipe of homemade dog food that you wouldn’t eat yourself. This means do not use food that is spoiled and do not give your dog raw foods.

You can also find ways to save money without compromising the health of your dog. Check out meats at the grocery store that are marked down on a manager’s special. These meats are still good but must be sold by a certain date and that is why they are being marked down. Often times buying food in bulk can save you some money over the long hall.

There are many great recipes for homemade dog food available. It might take a little time to get used to, but you can make the food for your dog in advance and freeze it so it will last longer. You will be happier knowing that your dog is getting a healthier diet and you are essentially adding years to his or her life.

Ame Vanorio

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