How to Cook Chicken For Dogs

Everyone loves chicken, even dogs!  It can be nutritious, delicious, and depending on what type of chicken you are using — can be quite lean and healthy compared to fattier meats like beef.  For individuals who like making their own homemade dog food, chicken can be a cost-effective staple that keeps your canine and your wallet filling full. As simple and effective as it is, it’s also very important to cook your dogs chicken properly to avoid any problems from parasites or other issues involving upset stomachs.  That’s why today we are going to go over the basic techniques of preparing chicken for dogs.  

Basics For Boiling Chicken For Your Dogs

The easiest and best way to cook chicken for dogs is to boil it.  While unseasoned and boiled chicken may sound bland to you or I, dogs love it!  It’s important to cook your canine’s chicken until it’s completely done — with no pink left inside.  This ensures that all parasites and other nasty germs are completely removed, which is important for promoting a long and healthy lifestyle for your dog.  The best thing about boiling chicken for your dogs is that it’s a great way to “food prep” for your four-legged best friend. Boiled chicken stores well for days, and can go into a variety of different chicken based dog food recipes.

Can I feed my dog raw chicken?

While your dog technically “could” it raw chicken, the simplest answer is that it probably shouldn’t.  There’s little to gain by feeding your dog raw chicken meat, and much more to lose in the event your dog gets salmonella poisoning or something even worse.  A little bit of cooking goes a long way to making sure your dog stays healthy, and your dog will be just as happy with a bit of cooked chicken as they would a piece of raw chicken.

What type of chicken meat is best for my dog?

By far the best cut of chicken to use for your dog is skinless chicken breast.  It’s lean, delicious, and easy to prepare and cook. How much fat your dog eats varies greatly depending on their height, weight, breed type, and more, and skinless chicken breast is an extremely lean option that your dog can eat plenty of.  Since it’s high in protein and low in fat and carbohydrates, skinless chicken breast can be easily measured into your dogs daily nutritional requirements, whereas darker and fattier meat might quickly put them over the threshold for how much fat they can safely take in on a single day.  

Fresh Chicken vs Canned Chicken For My Dog?

Chicken is typically available for sale in two common ways: fresh and uncooked or cooked and canned.  Canned chicken (sometimes found in sealed pouches) can be a great source of easy nutrition for your dog.  Canned chicken breast can be a cost effective way of providing If you want to buy and feed your dog canned chicken, always read the ingredient list first.  You want pure chicken meat, with no other additives, and you want it canned in water — not any kind of oil. 

What are some healthy and delicious chicken-based dog food recipes that you recommend?

Chicken Stew For Your Dog

This is one of our favorite healthy homemade chicken-based dog food recipes. Jam packed with nutritious vegetables and healthy protein, this will definitely become one of your dogs favorite meals.

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